Digital Smile Planning

Implant Bridge Design Course

Chairside design workflows for transitional bridges

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Master 3D design for your implant bridges + create transitional bridge chairside from 3D design to 3D print!

You will learn how to:

  • Start your implant treatment with the final result in mind
  • 3D design motivational bridges for patient’s comprehensive analysis and initial feedback.
  • Facial-dental analysis and to apply it onto your Implant bridge designs
  • Deliver an all-inclusive guide for your dental technician, from teeth shape selection to pink esthetic heights and more)
  • Transfer your SmileFy 3D design to your implant software of choice ( that accept .stl files)
  • Team-up your work with your dental technician for faster and more efficient workflow
  • Export & 3D print your transitional implant bridge designs. 
  • Workflow 1: from mock-up design to initial bridge planning – from 3D designing CBCT-Integration to exporting and printing the preliminary bridge design
  • Workflow 2: Bridge design with placed implants, –  From Digital files selection to 3D designing facially driven implant bridge designs and team-up the case with your dental technician.

Why is this course and software vital to you?

The course will enhance your treatment planning workflows by: 

  • Strengthen your preliminary treatment using your patient’s facial picture and 3D files. 
  • Digitally planning the aesthetics of the patients’ future smiles. 
  • Digitally analyze and choose the position, shape, form, and angulation of the teeth in the arch. 
  • Providing a better understanding of the exposure of the anterior teeth digitally.
  • Initially planning the artificial gingiva to evaluate pink esthetics while using the 3D design to simulate various options.
  • Allowing you to send the 3D design planning to your implant software to identify the implant position according to your implant bridge design
  • Supplementing your collaboration with your dental technician, guiding them toward a more comprehensive and predictable outcome
  • Reducing the chairside time and patient visits in the preliminary stage. 
  • And giving the ultimate patient experience by participating in the esthetic outcomes. 

Course Structure
In this 2-days intensive hands-on course, we will learn and practice:

Smile Design

Learn and Practice:

    • Facially generated smile design analysis and aesthetic principles 
    • How to digitize your patient properly for the digital planning
    • How to add CBCT to your design
    • 3D Smile Design from mock-up to implant bridge (workflow 1)

3D Planning & Printing

Learn and Practice:

  • Adding new files after implant placement 
  • 3D planning provisional implant bridge (workflow 2)
  • Creating 3D print-ready model and 3D print
  • Practice with your own patient’s case

We encourage you to bring your own patient files to practice with our instructor during the course (don’t have your files ready? No problem, we will provide cases for you to practice)